Pratie Heads: More or less traditional music of the British Isles

Celtic duo the Pratie Heads play Irish, Scottish, British Isles music

Pratie Heads - Irish and Scottish music in Durham NC 
Bob Vasile and Jane Peppler, as the Pratie Heads, are sometimes performing as a duo but more often presenting their Irish and Scottish (and English and American) music with Jack Herrick of the Red Clay Ramblers, as "Duck Duck Goose." Call 919-606-2122 for more information.

St Patrick's Day Concert Saturday March 17, 2019
at Shadowbox Studios, 900 East Club, Unit 2200D, Durham NC
4:00-5:30 pm, tickets $5 at the door
or in advance via Paypal (click here)

Review of our concert for the Triangle Guitar Society, February 2019:

Their repertoire: "More or Less Traditional Music of the British Isles and beyond." They were long-time members of the Touring Artists Program of the North Carolina Arts Council.

Steve Winick wrote in Dirty Linen Magazine:

"The Pratie Heads were their state's premiere performers of British Isles traditional music ... they have made some of the best Celtic, English, and early American folk music available in recorded form. They have picked beautiful, uncommon songs to play, have thoroughly researched tunes and texts to produce the best possible versions, and have lovingly and impeccably arranged them. And still it emerges as spontaneous, joyful music - it's a rare gift they have. ... Peppler's voice is a clear soprano wonder with a feeling of intense but controlled wildness that she may owe to her training in Slavic and Balkan singing ... as amazing on fiddle as she is singing, [with] great tone on the slower tunes and real speed on the quick ones. My suggestion is to buy a copy of each tape, and then make a dub of each. Put the originals away in a cool, dark place and play the dubs. That way, when you've worn out your copies, you can repeat the process without having to pay for more tapes. Don't say I didn't warn you."

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Song lyrics for We Did It! Songs of People Behaving Badly

Song lyrics and translations for Rag Faire

Song lyrics and translations for Early Fare

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St Patrick's Day live Google On-Air Concert with the Pratie Heads, March 2013

From the Pittsboro General Store Cafe, November 2009...

From our Centerfest appearance, September 2009; Jim Baird, bassist with Mappamundi.

A windy day at the Hillsborough Arts Council for the Arts & Crafts Fair, April 2009:

Thanks for a fantastic performance.

Bob (and Jane), I was hoping to see you at our favorite breakfast haunt so I could thank you in person but now I don't want to delay sending you and Jane my sincere thanks for a fabulous performance for our annual Triangle Guitar Society holiday salon recital.

We've always enjoyed your many performances for us in the past mostly in a solo format but with Jane Peppler as your duo partner I believe you have a fantastic synergy of talents and a fine ensemble that's as expressive as it is flawless. With your your fantastic originals and your special unique arrangements there's no limit to your success.

I have heard many compliments from our TGS folks how blown away they were to find that Jane sang perfectly in Spanish and with a seductive charm as well. Starting off with the eastern European sounding piece Daichovo Horo was a smash hit. It was great to hear the duo version of Boutros the Cat. And Bagira's walk owes a lot to Dadfad in Bagdad and you know I love that special style. Perhaps this piece should be our next transcription project.

And I especially love your new murder ballads and yes you're a great singer too. Lord Franklin is so tender and sweet that on first hearing I already feel nostalgic. And I think your next album after the murdererous ballades should be entirely devoted to your own compositions as they are always my favorite pieces when I hear you play.

Already we are planning to get you guys back in one of our public concerts soon. With the gypsy seduction of Jane's playing and singing and your special exciting style of guitar and bouzouki and fantastic tender singing your duo deserves to be heard far and wide and I congratulate you both on achieving such a fine accomplished ensemble.

Randy Reed
President, Triangle Guitar Society
Lecturer/Instructor of Guitar, Duke University

"You don't look famous, but you sound famous." (Comment from audience member buying our cd! Heh heh.)

Hear harmony vocals on ballads, songs and snatches (and dreamy lullabies); beautiful airs, strathspeys, jigs, reels, hornpipes, waltzes, and music of indescribable tempo on guitar, bouzouki, concertina, violin, and viola...

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