The Pratie Heads - Discography

Bob and Jane together

Rag Faire (2006)
Heritage (1988)
Kiss Quick, Mother's Coming! (1986)
Todling Home (1985)
Flowers of the Forest (1984)

Jane with other people

World Music Our Way (Mappamundi) 2002
Sedgefield Fair (with Jacqueline Schwab and Robbie Link) 1993
Courting Disaster (with Beth Holmgren, Joe Newberry, and others) 1991
Some Assembly Required (with the Solstice Assembly) 1990
Under the Drawbridge (with the Solstice Assembly) 1989
Three Log Night (with the Solstice Assembly) 1988
Roses and Rainclouds (with Laduvane) 1979
Turn Your Radio On (with Laduvane) 1978
Laduvane (eponymous) 1977

Bob with other people:

Midnight at Cabell Hall (with Freyda Epstein and Ralph Gordon) 1992
Live at the Courthouse (with Brian Grim, Mark Rose, Helen White and others) 2003
House on Fire
Fingerstyle Guitar's compilation cd (along with Chet Atkins and John Williams)
Blue Apples (with Fred Boyce)
Count My Heart (with Kathleen Hannan)
Welcome to Heaven (with Dave DiGiuseppe)
South of Andromeda (with David DiGiuseppe)