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Print-on-demand songbooks

If you click on one of these links you'll be taken to (coil-bound copies) Lulu or (perfect-bound copies) Amazon. You place your orders directly from those sites, and they print the books quite quickly and sent directly to you. They really look gorgeous! The Amazon versions are cheaper but the Lulu versions are better for performers as they are slightly larger (for playing at the piano or from a music stand) and the coil bindings open flat.

Contents of the songbooks - Digital songbook orders

The books as printed by Amazon and Lulu are really beautiful, but if you're willing to print your own copies you can save money and buy the digital download versions below. When I receive notice of a paypal payment, I send the book(s) as pdf files within two days. You also can email these pdf files to your local kinkos (or take them on a flash drive) and get them printed, back-to-back or single sheet. You can punch the pages and put them in looseleaf notebooks. That's how I like to use sheet music.

The TJC Hanukah Songbook contents($5.00):
Al Hanisim, Banu Chosech, Cuando el Rey Nimrod, Drey dreydele, Drive Cold Winter Away, Hanerot Halalu (Hasidic version), Hanerot halalu (Classic), Hayo, haya, Hinei Ba, Imi nahtna leviva-li, Hanukah (Sephardic), Khanukah iz freylekh, Let Memory Keep Us All, Ma-oz Tsur (Italian version), Ma-oz Tsur (Classic), Mi-ymalel, Mizmor xir (Sephardic), Ner-li, Nerotai, Nerot dolkim, Oy khanukah, Oy ir kleyne likhtelekh!, Simu shemen, Shnirele perele, Svivon sov sov sov, Time to Remember the Poor, Yom Zeh l'Yisroel, Y'vanim

I Can't Complain (but sometimes I still do) Songbook ($5.00):
Ale brider, A bisl libe, Badkhn lid, Bobenyu (Zol nokh zayn shabes), Don un Donye, Dort baym breg, Birobidzhan, Di ban, Dayne, Di elter, Di arbuzn (S'iz der step shoyn opgeshorn), Epes fun gornisht, Fraytig oyf der nakht, Mayn Rue Platz, Glik, Gris, bagris, Harbstlid, Harshl, Ikh bin a border bay mayn vayb, Lid fun mayn dor, Lid fun Titanik, Ikh hob dikh tsufil lib, Lomir beyde a lidl shpiln, Tumbalalayka, Sapozhkelakh, Vot ken yu makh? S'iz Amerike!, Ta-am haman, A yidishe khasene, Yam-lid, Mir Lebn Eybik, Zing brider zing!

Laduvane Songbook ($5.00):
Ajde Jano, Shto e Ludo, Sadi Moma, Ličko Kolo, Prsten Mi Padna, Savo Vodo, Divojka Je, Zaspo Janko, Tri Jeterve, Vrličko Kolo, Mi Go Zatvorile, Dve Nevesti, Banijsko Kolo, Danama, Molih Ta, Otdavali Molodu, Dobro Doshle, Oj Poved Kolo, Daj Mi Daj, Ej Pletenice, Polegala, Shto Mi E Milo, Na Pirino Mome, Na Ugorje, Czerwone (instrumental), Bisero Čerko, Oi Da Ty Kalinushka

The Triangle Jewish Chorale Songbook ($6.00):
A Nign, Adio, Querido, Al Kol Eileh, Birobidzhan, Borei Ad Ana, Buena Semana, Cuando el Rey Nimrod, Dem Zeydn's Nigndl, Du Shaynst vi di Zun, Durme, Durme, Ein Keloheinu, El Ginat Eigoz, Eliahu Hanavi, An Equal Song, Gris Bagris, Hob Ikh Mir a Mantl, Hard Times Come Again No More, Hu Tsa Tsa, Imi Nahtna Leviva-Li, Itsik Shpitsik, Ki Eleicha, Kineret, Krokhmalne Gas, Miserlou, Ma-Oz Tsur, Od Lo Ahavti Dai, Oy Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh, Shir Aviv, Shnirele Perele, Sim Shalom, Siete modos de guisar las berenjenas, Sisu et Yerushalayim, Di Svet-shap, Ta-am Haman, Ufros Aleinu, This Old World, Yerushalayim Shel Zahav, Yom Zeh l'Yisrael, Zol Shoyn Kumen di Geule

Mappamundi Klezmer tunebook ($5.00):
Alter sher, Bayrish Cats, Bessarabian khosidl, Baym Rebn's sude, Bulgar in Cm, Dem Trisker Rebn's, Firn di mekhutonim aheym, Ezra's Freylekhs, Flaskadriga, Freylekh #7, Freylekh #12, Freylekh #8, Freylekh fun der khupe, Freylekh in D, Freyt aykh yidelekh, Goldene Khasene, Gasn nign, Hilda's Waltz, Di Heyser Bulgar, Ikh bin dayner, Itchikl, Karapyet, Lesginka, Kol Rino, Khosn Kale Mazltov, Lustige Khsidim, Merlin's Khosidls, Araber Tants, Meron tune, A nakht in Ganeyds, Nokh a glezl, Obodivker tants, Odessa Bulgarish #1, Ot Azoy, Oy tate, Patsh tants, Philly sher, Rusishe kamarinska, Rusishe sher, Sadegurer khosidl, Semyon's Moldavian freylekh, Shtiler bulgar #1, Shtiler bulgar #2, Shtoys dikh, Sirba #2, Sirba #4, Tants yidelekh, Tsiganeshti, Undzer toyrele

The Songs Anyone Can Sing Songbook ($5.00):
A Housewife's Lament, Away with Rum!, Be Gone Dull Care!, Black Jack Davy, Blow Ye Winds in the Morning, Calm before the storm, Chickalaleeo, Cluck Old Hen, Clyde Water, Down in the Valley to Pray, Fillimiooreeooreeay, Follow the Drinking Gourd, Give Me the Roses, Haul Away Joe!, I am a Poor and a Rambling Boy, I Never Will Marry, It Takes a Worried Man, Jamaica Farewell, John Kanaka, Keeper of the Eddystone Light, Little Brown Jug, My Hound-Dog, Pack Up Your Sorrows, Paddle Your Own Canoe, Put it on the Ground, Rattlesnake, Rye Whiskey, Santy Anna, Shallow Brown, Shut de Door, Single Girl, The Beaver Dam Road, The Furry Day Carol, The Knickerbocker Line, The Man Who Has Plenty, The State of Arkansas, The Streets of Laredo, The Telegraph Wire, The Water is Wide, Tobacco Union, When the Saints Go Marching in, Why Do you Bob Your Hair Girls?

The New Three Log Night Songbook ($5.00):
Angelus ad virginem, Babe of Bethlehem, Blessed Be, Boar's Head Carol, Carol of the Bagpipers, Cherry Tree Carol, Cookham, Cuando el Rey Nimrod, Drey Dreydele, Drive Cold Winter Away, Fulfillment, Gaudete, Gedeonis Area, Gloucester Wassail, Greensleeves, Hanerot Halalu, Hayo Haya, Here We Come A'Wassailing, Holly and the Ivy, Holly Bears a Berry, Imi Notna Leviva-li, In a Cavern Oxen Trod, In the Bleak Midwinter, In the Dark Streets, Khanuke iz freylekh, The King, Let Memory Keep Us All, The Lord at First Did Adam Make, Ma-oz Tsur, Nerotai, Now Is Come Our Joyful Feast, Oy Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh, Pastime With Good Company, Quem pastores, Resonet in Laudibus, Sainte Nicholaes, Shepherds Arise, Sherburne, Shnirele Perele, Simu Shemen, Solis in Praevia, Sussex Mummers Carol, S'vivon Sov Sov Sov, Tappster Dryngker, Time to Remember the Poor, The Very First Blessing, A Virgin Most Pure, Wassail Song, Wexford Carol, When the Wise Men Came from Far, The Woodcutters Song, Yvanim

Let Memory Keep Us All: The Solstice Assembly Songbook ($6.00):
Agincourt Carol, Ayo visto lo mappamundi, Away with these self-loving lads, Brave Wolfe, Barrett's Privateers, Brightly Dawns our Wedding Day, Bundling Song, Cadgwith Anthem, Ce mois de mai, Come, Lasses and Lads, Con el viento, Claudy Banks, Come Here Fellow Servant, Daniel Prayed, Devotion, Down with the Rosemary and Bays, Drive Dull Care Away, Durme durme, An Equal Song, Fine Knacks for Ladies, Fortune My Foe, The Furry Day Carol, Gaude Mater Polonia, Give Me the Roses, Golly Golly, Good in Living, Hard Times Come Again No More, The Hock Cart, How Stands the Glass Around?, Haymaking, Imi Nahtna Leviva-Li, In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood, It Was a Lover and his Lass, Let Memory Keep Us All, Love Is Come Again, Margot Labourez les Vignes, Northfield, Northill May, O My Hart, Ode to the Fourth of July, Once I Had a Sweetheart, The Pace-egging Song, The Parting Glass, Peculiar Cheer, A Peddler's Song, Pretty Maid Come Along, Let Us Drink and be Merry, Rainbow, Resonet in laudibus, The Rich Man, The Ripe and Bearded Barley, Rolling Ages, Roulez!, Shnirele Perele, The Silent Bird, Sigh No More, Ladies, So Will We Yet, Solis Praevia, Sweet Kate, There is a Lady Sweet and Kind, This Old World, To Portsmouth!, Touch But My Lips, Turtledove Done Drooped His Wings, The Vegan Fight Song, Whitsuntide is Come, Welcome Sweet Pleasure

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